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Liberty University

Freedom College is a private, non-benefit Christian college situated in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States, that depicts itself as a Christian scholarly group. Freedom's yearly enlistment incorporates 13,800 private understudies and more than 100,000 online understudies as of May 2013. At the point when including the quantity of individuals taking its online courses, LU is the biggest Outreaching Christian college on the planet, the country's biggest private non-benefit college and seventh biggest four-year college, and
the biggest college in Virginia. Freedom's athletic groups contend in Division I of the NCAA and are all things considered known as the Freedom Flares. They contend in the Enormous South Meeting.

DeMoss Learning Center at Freedom College
Freedom College Vines Center
Primary, East and North campuses

Freedom College's Grounds East lodging complex comprises of 30 multi-story flat style residences, the last six of which were finished in 2007. Rooms in these quarters have their own particular kitchens, parlor and private showers. A clubhouse offers a swimming pool, pool room, and a private theater. A passage associating the east and west finishes of the grounds was finished in 2004. A second passage was finished in May 2014, and gives passerby section under the Norfolk Southern Railroad and access to close-by shopping open doors. Also, a grounds transport/transport framework was included the fall of 2006, giving transportation both on and off grounds until midnight most nighttimes.

The 90,000-square-foot (8,400 m2) LaHaye Understudy Center, has a parlor, ball courts, cardio and weight rooms, bistro, multi-reason rooms, high-impact rooms and other amenities. The neighboring Tilley Center has television parlors, diversion tables, pool room, and social regions, and in addition a stage for understudy exhibitions, groups and little shows. Different undertakings incorporate a 60-mile (97 km) mountain bicycle trail framework, a motorcross office, paintball handle, 3D bows and arrows range, intramural games program and club games, including lacrosse and ice hockey, which plays in an ice arena gave by Drs. Tim and Beverly LaHaye, and another indoor soccer office.

Amid the spring of 2007, an auxiliary practice office for the Freedom volleyball system was opened as a component of another, on-grounds preparing complex. The current $750,000 office on Grounds East houses the volleyball mentors' workplaces and a group room, and serves as the group's practice office at whatever point the Vines Center and Schilling Center are unavailable.

Top of the Snowflex manufactured ski incline sitting above Freedom Mountain Snowflex Center
Development was finished in August 2009 on the Freedom Mountain Snowflex Center, a manufactured ski incline highlighting Snowflex; the Middle was planned by Britain's Briton Designing. It incorporates fledgling, middle of the road and propelled inclines, and is the first of its kind in the United States.

On September 24, 2010, Freedom opened the new Tower Theater, with seating for up to 640 individuals. For the 2010-11 theater season, the Theater Office opened with Hairspray, and shut in Spring 2011 with The Ghost of the Musical drama. The theater incorporates gallery seating, an ensemble pit, catwalks, a fly tower, a film industry and 12,000 square feet (1,100 m2) of bolster area. The tower was initially some piece of a mobile phone plant. BCWH Draftsmen, which planned the adjustment of the tower as a theater, won ahead of all comers at the ASID's yearly Thoughts for the Agreement Institutional Category.

In August 2011, Freedom reported a 120 million dollar grounds extension. The development incorporates more dormitories, greener space, and more scholastic structures permitting the grounds to hold 20,000 inhabitant students. In January 2012, Freedom College's Bureau of Theater Expressions declared the arrangement of an expert theater organization to possess the Tower Theater. The Alluvion Stage Organization will enlist proficient on-screen characters to perform nearby the understudies, and the sets and ensembles will meet proficient principles. Division Seat Linda Nell Cooper said in regards to the new organization: "Alluvion, significance flood, will expect to enhance, teach and amuse the group by giving a predominant theater involvement in a wholesome family environment."

Freedom College is planned to open another Observatory Center in the Spring of 2013 by Freedom's Equestrian Center. Lee Beaumont, VP of Helper Administrations, says this arch will be a classroom that can fit up to 20 individuals. It will house a 20-creep (510 mm) RC Optical Frameworks Truss Ritchey-Chr├ętien brilliant exploration telescope and a few Celestron CPC 800 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes that will be on platform, ready to take off under a rooftop. Space science Educator Van Eaton says new observatory fills three needs: direction, open evenings and exploration. Understudy Exercises will control the utilization of the observatory, and all understudies are welcome to utilize this building.

Libraries & Museums
Incorporated Learning Asset Center
The Incorporated Learning Asset Center (ILRC) has three parts: the Educational program Library, PC Labs, and Media Administrations. The library contains the accompanying: around 250,000 paper volumes, more than 150,000 ebooks, more than 97,000 interesting electronic and print periodical titles, and more than 200 electronic databases. Understudies have admittance to the ILRC. First year recruits have a required session in the Educational program Library to survey essential exploration skills Instruction understudies can make utilization of course readings and instructing material. DVDs, Albums, and features are accessible for varying media use. Sixteen classroom labs contain more than 470 PCs, with more than 350 PCs in open spaces, and more than 250 PCs all through the grounds. These PCs have a fast web connection. Particular coach sessions are accessible and posted at the ILRC. Media Administrations incorporates classroom specialized bolster, Savvy Board bolster, fundamental feature duplication, and hardware for classroom projects.

Freedom College understudies are given scholarly guiding and bolster administrations through the Middle for Scholastic Bolster and Exhorting Administrations (CASAS). CASAS contains new understudy introduction bolster, proficient scholarly exhorting, proceeding with instruction directing, mentoring and testing administrations, and vocation situation services. A segment of CASAS is the Bruckner Learning Center, which tries to "give College wide scholastic bolster administrations for all understudies and personnel by and large and extraordinary needs understudies in particular". The Bruckner Learning Center offers courses in transitioning from secondary school to school, school learning techniques, propelled perusing and vocabulary improvement, and formative math to help understudies succeed in the school environment. Also, in 2010, Freedom College opened the Osborne Assistive Learning Innovation Center in the A. Pierre Guillermin Library, which is a learning and testing community for exceptional needs understudies. The lab meets expectations in with the Bruckner Learning Center and contains assistive programming, for example, content to-discourse and discourse to-content projects for outwardly debilitated or perusing crippled students.

Jerry Falwell Library
In January 2014, Freedom College opened the new Jerry Falwell Library. The four-story, 170,000-square-foot building is situated behind the Vines Center. The library highlights a robot-helped capacity and recovery framework for more than 250,000 filed things, with space for another 170,000. The robot finds asked for things inside of a huge storage space and conveys the things to the front work area. There are likewise 150 open PCs all through the building for electronic document research. The library elements gathering study rooms, writable dividers, overhangs, porches and a vegetative rooftop. The passageway to the library is highlighted by a 24 ft media divider controlled by three Microsoft Kinect units and coordinated utilizing a custom project. The media divider uses movement sensor innovation to empower guests to look through college news, search pictures contributed from understudies and find out about up and coming college events. The $50 million library is a piece of a bigger $500 million building and extension arrangement reported by Freedom University.

National Common War Pastors Museum
The National Common War Pastors Gallery contains shows of pastorate individuals and religious movement amid the Common War period. It is the main gallery in the country committed to this reason. The mission of the exhibition hall is to "instruct people in general about the part of clergymen, clerics, and rabbis and religious associations in the Common War; to advance the proceeding with investigation of the numerous strategies for spread of religious convention and good teachings amid the War; to save religious ancient rarities, and to introduce interpretive projects that demonstrate the impact of religion on the lives of political and military personnel." A 501(c)(3) association, the gallery rents space from Freedom College's DeMoss Center. It has 10,000 square feet, with a 50-seat feature theater, document shows, an exploration library, and book shop.

The gallery highlights Catholic, Protestant, Jewish clerics (counting African American clergymen), productions, and ancient rarities from both the Union and Confederate militaries. There are a few territories in the exhibition hall that are given unique consideration including: The part of the United States Christian Commission, which is the trailblazer to today's USO and Red Cross. "The relationship of religion to political and military pioneers, basic fighters, and people in general in the North and South."

Two new shows have been added to the gallery starting 2012: "a "grieving room" with period furniture and improvements (counting a cross shaped from the woven hair of dead Confederate troopers), and a display on Common War sharpshooters including Rev. Lorenzo Barbour, pastor to the Confederate Berdan's Sh

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